Salli and Ilse Silbermann

Authors: Julian Eichenauer, Marie Weisser

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Salli Silbermann was born as the son of Heinrich and Babette née Kahnlein on 10.06.1898 in Oberelsbach. Besides two brothers, Leo and Manfred, he also has four sisters, Lina, Rosi, Paola and Kate.

Cattle dealer in Lichtenfels

Ilse Silbermann (left) and her cousin Florett Nass in 1937© Werner Nass
Ilse Silbermann (left) and her cousin Florett Nass in 1937

He married Ilse Goldmeier, born on 12 April 1905 to Julius Goldmeier and Berta née Stern in Coburg, on 20 June 1928 in Lichtenfels. The two had presumably met through their respective parents' cattle business after Salli moved from Oberelsbach to Coburg.

The couple moved to Stadtgraben 2 in Lichtenfels three years after their wedding, on 18 November 1931; Ilse's family was based in the town: twin brothers Arthur (Ilse's father) and Manfred Goldmeier ran several businesses, Manfred's daughter Florett and her husband Max Nass owned a textile shop at Unteres Tor.

Salli ran a livestock business until January 1937, when Jewish livestock traders were banned from working by the Nazi regime.

1938: Escape to the USA

Salli and Ilse therefore emigrated to New York State on 8 October 1938. They lived there in the village of Unadilla, where Ilse's brother Ludwig had already been running a farm since 1937. This farm became a first "anchor" for the whole family of Goldmeier brothers and their descendants.

Ilse (3rd from left) in the Goldmeier family circle in Unadilla 1964© Lori Gallo
Ilse (3rd from left) in the Goldmeier family circle in Unadilla 1964 From left: Berta Goldmeier, N.N., Ilse Berg nee Goldmeier verw. Silbermann, Lisa Stodolski, Lori, Julia Schön nee Goldmeier, Florett Nass, Fred Stodolski. Seated: Arthur Goldmeier.

Salli died as early as 1940. Ilse later married the cattle dealer Albert Berg and ran her own farm with him in Sidney, NY (very close to Unadilla).

Kartenausschnitt Unadilla