Hugo and Frieda Brüll

Authors: Anna-Lisa Schütz, Elisaveta Tolstov, Felicitas Sperber, Sianna Zillich

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An Old-established Jewish family in Seubelsdorf

The Brülls were an old-established Jewish family in Seubelsdorf, who practiced agriculture and cattle trade. Hugo Brüll, born 19 February 1873 in Seubelsdorf, married Frieda Freudenthal (born 15 November 1874 Theilheim) on 16 November 1902. They had three children: Fanny (born 1904), Helene (born 1907) and Wilhelm (born 1910).

Contemporary witness Margarete Milz told of many weekend visits she enjoyed with her friend Margot Wolf (Helene's daughter) at their grandparents’ home in Seubelsdorf. She described the Brülls as a hospitable and warm family. Especially Fanny, who according to Mrs. Milz suffered from a slight walking disability, had taken her to her heart..

Destruction of a family

The Brülls were the first Jews in Lichtenfels to be forcibly dispossessed. After being evicted from their property, they were forced to live in the Jewish community's soon overcrowded Schächterhaus next to the synagogue (Judengasse 14, see picture).

Schächterhaus Judengasse 14 (Zustand ca. 1955)© Stadt Lichtenfels

The Deportation

Hugo and Frieda Brüll were deported via Bamberg to the concentration camp Theresienstadt with the so-called "Altentransport" (transport of the elderly) on September 11, 1942. From there they were transported to Auschwitz in 1944 and murdered in the gas chambers on May 18.

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