Helene Wolf, née Brüll

Authors: Anna-Lisa Schütz, Elisaveta Tolstov, Felicitas Sperber, Sianna Zillich

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[Stolpersteine of the Wolf family are in front of their former home in Altenkunstadt]

Snapshot from a carnival ball in the early 30s

Helene Wolf née Brüll, (*04 December 1907 Seubelsdorf, Y presumably 06 June 1942 in Sobibór or Belzec) married the Altenkunstadt merchant Leo Wolf, with whom she had one child, Margot. The contemporary witness Margarete Milz described Helene Wolf née Brüll as a kind-hearted, generous and indulgent mother.

On April 24, 1942, she and her family were taken with a total of 955 Franconian Jews on the DA 49 deportation train to Krasnystaw in eastern Poland, and from there to the Kraśniczyn ghetto, where they were presumably killed on 6 June 1942, in the gas chambers of the Sobibór death camp with tank exhaust fumes ("Aktion Reinhardt").

Helene and Leo Wolf
Stolperstein Helene Brüll
Stolperstein Helene Wolf in Altenkunstadt
Margot Wolf, Helene`s daughter (1928-1942)

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