Family Blum

Authors: Anna-Lisa Schütz, Elisaveta Tolstov, Felicitas Sperber, Sianna Zillich

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The Blum family lived in Reichmannsdorf before moving to Seubelsdorf to Alte Bamberger Straße 32 in 1891. The parents Levi Blum (+1922) and Babette Blum (+1933) had seven children.

In 1939/1940 the family was dispossessed and the children still living in Lichtenfels were forced to live in the overcrowded old shepherd's house next to the synagogue in Lichtenfels.

Three of the seven siblings became victims of the Holocaust:

Excerpt from the deportation list of transport DA 49

Louis Luitpold Blum (*1887 in Reichmannsdorf, merchant), Ferdinand Blum (*1889 in Reichsmannsdorf, butcher) and Rosa Blum (*1894 in Seubelsdorf) were taken from Lichtenfels to Bamberg to the former hotel "Weiße Taube" on April 24, 1942. From Bamberg they were deported by train DA49 to Krasnystaw in eastern Poland. This train brought a total of 955 Franconian Jews to their deaths. From Krasnystaw they had to march to the Kraśniczyn ghetto. Presumably they were suffocated by carbon monoxide in the gas chambers at the Sobibór extermination camp on June 6, 1942. No one from transport DA 49 survived.

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