Dr. Julius Blum

Authors: Anna-Lisa Schütz, Elisaveta Tolstov, Felicitas Sperber, Sianna Zillich

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[No Stolperstein in Lichtenfels]

Dr. Julius Blum (1939)
Dr. Julius Blum (1939) Source: https://www.archives.gov.il/en/

The youngest son Julius was born in Seubelsdorf in 1905. He was one of the few to attend the Latin department of the Lichtenfels private secondary school, from which he graduated successfully in 1918.

Julius studied law in Munich and Erlangen, passed the state examination in 1932 and worked in Nuremberg until his dismissal in 1933. The Nazi "Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service" of 1933 meant a professional ban for most lawyers of Jewish descent. Probably in the initial hope of better times, Julius stuck to his subject and earned his doctorate in Erlangen in 1935.

The increasing pressure and the intensified discrimination caused him to emigrate to Palestine with his wife Erna Fanny Blum, née Brüll in April 1936. In November 1938 their son Eli Michael was born, and in 1939 the family received Palestinian citizenship. The family lived in Nahariya in the north of present-day Israel, which was (re)founded by German Jews only in 1934.

Dr. Julius Blum gave "manager" and "merchant" as his profession in Israel. He worked in agriculture, then ran a photo agency and was active in the local administration of Nahariya from 1941. He died in 1969 and was buried in his new hometown.