Exhibition Da49, Da512 - Trains to death

Below are the downloads of the shown rollups at the exhibition:



Rollup 01 Title (3.37 MB)
Goals and theme, contributors

Rollup 02 Anti-Semitism (2.94 MB)
Ideological basis; "Aryanization": destruction of existence and robbery; From emigration pressure to deportation; Ideological delusion also in the provinces

Rollup 3 From expulsion to holocaust (3.03 MB)
Until 1941: pressure to emigrate; "Madagascar" and "Generalplan Ost"; Deportations and the Holocaust

Rollup 04 Petpetrators, planners, helpers (3.81 MB)
The organization of mass murder; Reich Security Main Office; Gestapo control centers; local authorities; Organizational process

Rollup 05 The last years: in the local ghetto (3.20 MB)
Jewish houses; Social exclusion; Stigmatization; Economic plunder

Rollup 06 Perpetrators, planner and helpers in sits (3.97 MB)
Implementation on site using the example of Altenkunstadt and Burgkunstadt

Rollup 07 Train Da49 (3.79 MB)
The road to the extermination camp; Role of the Reichsbahn: Punctually at the ramp; Da 49 is compiled; The suffering of the victims

Rollup 08 From the ghetto to the extermination camp (3.79 MB)
Krasniczyn Ghetto; Sobibór extermination camp

Rollup 09 Da512 (3.69 MB)
"Da 512" becomes "II/25"; Theresienstadt: "Stall vor dem Schlachthof"; The fate of the people from Coburg, Lichtenfels and Hochstadt

Rollup 10 Victims from Altenkunstadt (2.90 MB)
Rosa Liebermann; Johanna Liebermann; Theodor Liebermann; Hedwig Liebermann; Ernst Liebermann; Liesel Ruth Liebermann; Julie Schuster; Max Schuster; Mathilde Nordhäuser; Theodor Nordhäuser; Leo Wolf; Helene Wolf; Margot Wolf

Rollup 11 Victims from Burgkunstadt (1) (3.24 MB)
Caroline Bayer; Irma Bayer; Bella Possenheimer; Jette Possenheimer; Mina Kraus; Max Kraus; Eva Kraus

Rollup 12 Victims from Burgkunstadt (2) (3.33 MB)
Ignaz Steinbock; Elisabeth Steinbock; Agnes Steinbock; Hans-Peter Steinbock; Stefan Thurnauer; Frieda Reuter

Rollup 13 Victims from Coburg (1) (3.97 MB)
Hermine Kohn and Siegfried Kohn

Rollup 28 Victims from Lichtenfels (1) (2.79 MB)
Ferdinand Blum; Louis Luitpold Blum; Rosa Blum; Katinka Hellmann; Max Hellmann; Josef Kraus

Rollup 29 Victims from Lichtenfels (2) (3.98 MB)
Betty Oppenheimer; Alfred Oppenheimer; Anny Oppenheimer Hugo Brüll; Frieda Brüll; Lina Kronacher; Jeannette Kronacher; Marie Kronacher